Firm Philosophy

You’ve Got To Move Fast!

An investment opportunity looks too good to pass up. Does it make financial sense? Your business needs additional capital to grow. How quickly can you obtain accurate financial information for lenders or investors? There’s a cash surplus to invest. Where’s the best place to put it? You need a source for fast, accurate, financial information. That source is Brooks & Brooks.

Personal Service!

With Brooks & Brooks as your accountant, you cut through the red tape to get the information you need. Now!

Whether it’s a question on an investment opportunity, or a complex acquisition proposal, you have a direct line to top accounting professionals with access to the latest financial and tax information.

Your questions don’t pass through legions of clerks. If you feel we deserve your business, then we feel you deserve the personal attention of our top people.

Our clients confidently say: “CALL MY ACCOUNTANT!” knowing we’ll screen information to expose the facts – facts you need to make the right decision quickly.

Bottom Line Oriented!

We help you analyze each transaction and venture for its maximum profitability.

Combining state of the art systems with the solid experience of accounting and tax professionals, we guide you to the best BOTTOM LINE, regardless of your goals.

Complete Financial Advice and Services!

Our capabilities go far beyond facts and figures. In addition to the latest financial information, we provide the accounting services you need.

  • We can streamline your bookkeeping
  • Prepare your taxes
  • Guide your growth
  • Financially represent your every best interest

Let’s talk about your needs.

A web site can only begin to tell you about us and the services we can provide for you. We’d like the opportunity to meet you, so let’s get together.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your needs. We’re looking forward to assisting you at every stage of your financial life.